Welcome, dear internet user, to the wonderful world of Punctuated Sanity.

First things first

I know you’re wondering, “What’s up with the pickle and the cucumber?”. Well, it goes kinda like this: I really like cucumbers, but I really don’t like pickles. I know that’s not really much of an explanation, but I find that polarization of my opinion of what is basically the same thing completely fascinating. So one day I thought, “What if I used the pickle and the cucumber as some kind of political metaphor?”.

You are here reading this because of that thought.

Second things second

If you’re a hardcore conservative, you probably won’t like this site. I’m not, like, super liberal or anything, but I definitely sway that direction. Most of the humor I find in politics nowadays is due to the hyperbole coming from the right, so that is the main inspiration for this site. Not tryin’ to be a hater, just callin’ stuff like I see it.

About me

I’m just your run of the mill late 20’s dude who happens to be a scientist and write web comics in his spare time.

Yeah, that’s right, web comics is plural. My other one is called Wax Turds, and it’s pretty alright. I mean, I like it. It’s not exactly Gone with the Wind or anything, but it does contain the occasional chuckle. Also poop.

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